Hello! Thank you for taking a look at the InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship @ USC website. We consider it vital to connect with a supportive community as soon as possible, so please don't wait until you "have a handle on things!" Click here to get connected.

Welcome events

Wednesday, Aug 28th, 5-7PM - Food, games, music, fun icebreakers, and more!

Fishbowl at the URC | 835 W 34th St on campus

Friday, Aug 31st, 10-11AM (option lunch hang out after) - Prayer Walk

We recognize we are guests, as well as trying to make our home at USC. We want to pray for the people and places. We’ll meet at Tommy Trojan and go from there.

If you're a new, or incoming graduate student, welcome to USC grad life! If you're a returning student, we look forward to reconnecting with you.